Risk Control


Contact Point Verification

Contact Point Verification using modern technology is one of the most part for any Bank/NBFCs/Financer. CPV or Field Verification is done to get the addresses verified of prospective clients to ascertain the genuinity of the information provided by the prospective clients before disbursal of loans or financial products.

If you are a Bank/NBFC/Financer, please do in touch with us to get more details. We give special care to TAT and quality services.

Fraud Control Services

Fraud Control Unit work as an internal team members of the Bank/NBFC/Insurance companies to verify the information including documents genuinty and it help them in doing the analysis and business decisions.     We do check almost all types of documents and provide speedy services for faster decisions.

Seeding Services

Its another recommended activities where client could know the systems fault and health.  We do conduct telephonic or physical seeding to keep the business environment safe and productive.          

Bad Debt Recovery

Bad Debt moves from various level including soft buckets, hard buckets and legal.  We try to resolve the issues between legal and wright off, so that the financial sector can grow well and gain better.

NPA Management

NPA is menance.  NPA management is required for healthy financial growth of industry as well as society. Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) are loans or advances issued by banks or financial institutions that no longer bring in money for the lender since the borrower has failed to make payments on the principal and interest of the loan for at least 90 days.   

  • Handle NPA, banks use several strategies, and we assist these financial institutions to recover their NPA account using various tools available with us

Insurance Claims

We do conduct Insurance Claim Management or in other words Claim Investigations for Insurance Sectors.  We do provide such services to Life Insurance as well as General Insurance companies in products like life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, fire insurance, health insurances, fidelity insurances, marine insurances etc.  We have a trained team to handle and tackle cases with TAT and at best industry standards.

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